Occupy Wall Street? America Needs An “OccuParty”

12 Oct

Ron Paul should go to Zucotti Park in New York and speak to the occupiers.  America needs an OccuParty, and Paul is just the guy — the only guy in the presidential race with the guts and the brains — to quicken the Occupy Movement and broaden it into a real political force to be reckoned with.  Conservatives who fear the movement are allowing the Wall-Street/Washington Establishment to use the Occupy Movement as a bogey to blind conservatives to their true interests and bind them to the establishment.

The occupiers are infuriated because they believe banks stole from them while Tea Partiers are outraged because they believe Big Government stole from them. They’re both right. The Fed rigged interest rates and big government rigged the rules to unhinge the subprime-mortgage, derivatives and credit-default-swaps markets, which the banks took full advantage of, and when the balloon went up they stuck out their hands for a Big Government bailout.

As one experience D.C. political operative who’s finally fed up with the situation told me when I suggested to him that Paul should go to Wall Street:

Big Government stole taxpayer dollars to bail out banks, which are now in possession of our stolen property. The Occupiers and the Tea Partiers should really disassociate from both political parties and work together to dissolve the crony relationship between Big Government and Big Business. End the Fed.

If Paul were to take his campaign for peace, liberty and prosperity on a tour of occupied parks across America (reportedly demonstrations were held in more than a dozen locations around the country this weekend, including Los Angeles, Richmond, Minneapolis and Indianapolis), he could pull together an OccuParty to take on the establishment Republocrat Party, which runs and is destroying the country before our very eyes.


The MoveOn Movement is a movement to nowhere and even worse, passé.  We’ve moved way beyond Bill Clinton’s sexual indiscretions to, well to nowhere. We need a new force in American Politics, a TakeOn Movement to take on an establishment that seeks to control every facet of life; take on the bureaucracy, which has replaced real democracy in America; and take on state capitalism — call it Fascialism — a malevolent military-industrial-financial complex masquerading as capitalism and killing America one unwarranted war and bailout at a time.

Paul’s support among all Americans, not just the over-polled, hard-core base of the Republican wing of the Republocrat Party, is difficult to know at this moment.  He can count at least a solid 15%, likely more.  Numerous national polls have him running close to or even ahead of Barack Obama in a head-to-head match up with the president alone.

In my opinion, Ron Paul’s strategy should be to double his base of support to 30%.  Then when the Republican wing of the Republocrat Party freezes him out of its privileged slot on the ballot, he will be positioned to pivot into a third-candidate run against both heads of the two-headed Republocrat beast of prey.

We are seeing the first blush of revolt against the establishment. By default, the Occupy Movement has become saturated with lefty sentiment to impugn capitalism and exonerate the welfare state.  The demands, to the extent they are formalized, are to restrict freedom further with heavy-handed government redistribution using growth-stunting, coercive political power rather than expanding freedom and allowing pro-growth market-based reallocation to destroy enclaves of political privilege and expand the pie for all.

Paul would probably be booed and heckled at Zucotti Park, no less than any first-time speaker in Hyde Park London experiences.  But, what else could one expect of an angry, frightened crowd that has been caught in the clutches of crony capitalism, abused by politicians, battered by bureaucrats and forced to bail out plutocrats?  What other response is conceivable from a people brainwashed in their schools to believe real capitalism is evil and that America practices anything close to real capitalism today.  Both premises are false.  Young people know in their hearts they are false, and they are thirsting for someone to lay out the truth for them who is untainted by the incestuous establishment and unconnected to the self-serving political duopoly.

There is no more powerful force in nature to dilute class distinctions and thus defuse class warfare than free markets; no force more potent than free-markets to call the government-bankster cartel to account for turning America’s financial system into a giant casino and protection racket — let them go broke.  There is no force more just and efficient than free markets to level the income distribution, humble the arrogant rich and depower the finaglers and manipulators who use politics to rig the system in their favor.  There is no force more effective than free markets to reallocate resources and redistribute wealth from the undeserving and unproductive, politically connected elites to the hardworking political nobodies who consume the real goods and services each other produce.

Heraclites said one can never step into the same river twice, which perfectly illustrates the dynamism and churning of true capitalism in operation as it beats down profit margins, replaces old firms with new and innovative operations, permits the poor to become affluent and displace the rich — what Joseph Schumpter called creative destruction.  Contrast this with the stagnant pond of Fascialism in which the rich and powerful soak at the expense of the masses whom they coerce into fetching and carrying for them like serfs on the Republocrat estate.

America’s problems and existential threats arise not from too much freedom or capitalism but from too little of both.  If Paul directs his campaign for peace, liberty, equality and prosperity to occupied America, his message will resonate with this growing movement of the disaffected.

It is said political leaders don’t organize a parade; they find one already formed up and ready to march and jump in front of it to lead with their own personal drum major’s baton.  Spontaneous mass movements are similar.  Leaders don’t create them but they stand at the ready, prepared to infuse the movement with their own ideology and advance their “solutions” as the remedy to whatever the problem happens to be that ignited the movement.

The Occupy Movement currently is glazed in emotion with a Leftist-lite patina because action in the street is the left’s milieu. Who better than neighborhood organizers and local unions, lefty activists and environmental extremists to spot spontaneous uprisings and commandeer them for their own ends?  It is, therefore, time for a leader like Paul who can bridge the left and the right to speak to the masses and take his peace-and-freedom message onto the streets and into parks of occupied America.

Politicians, bureaucrats, shyster lawyers, banksters and their cronies, not the occupiers, are the aggressors.  It is the political duopoly that is pressing down on, pushing against, squeezing and hammering on the masses, trying to exert total control over all human behavior and then inciting people to riot if they resist.  But the masses don’t need to riot.  Escape from the establishment, not attack upon it, is the objective.  Led carefully, the masses possess a singular unconquerable attribute — mass itself — which once in motion, makes it impossible for the establishment to prevent its escape.  And, once the serfs are off the estate, the masters will be paralyzed without slaves to do their bidding.

The Occupy Movement is alike yet it is also different from the Civil Rights Movement.  Civil disobedience is not the optimal weapon of defense against this establishment under these circumstances, at least not yet.  What the Occupy Movement can grow into under the leadership of someone like Ron Paul is an irresistible, passive-aggressive force of self-defense against the predator establishment.  It can become a peaceful but relentless, unabated forward movement by the masses to escape the establishment’s clutches.  If the masses are mobilized, the Republocrat Raptor will face a choice:  Resist and get crushed or let the people out of its clutches, fly away and return America to the people.


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